Welcome to your Poplit Lyrics Station!

Welcome to your Poplit Lyrics Station, which uses popular music to promote literacy learning! Media content found on YouTube.com. This website & questions created by J. Johnson, educator. Questions focus on these areas: summarizing the main idea, determining mood, figurative language and point of view, making comparisons (to music videos, 'literary' poems, other songs & forms of media) and determining their effectiveness. This site is not an endorsement of any content provided herein. It is strictly for educational purposes! This site is probably best for older students (Junior/ Intermediate/ Senior). Songs are those commonly heard on the radio.


Using Google Docs to Answer Poplit Lyrics Tasks

For every task there is a corresponding 'answer button' that links to a Google Doc template.

These can be used to guide student responses orally or in their own writing books. 

But you can also have students submit their answers. 

Please use good judgment when students submit so as to ensure privacy (i.e.: use first names only) as their responses are visible to anyone who clicks on the link.

Also, please delete once you no longer need them--or realize that they will be deleted by me once a suitable amount of time has passed. 

Here are the google docs for Poplit Lyrics questions:

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